Uncle Gets Surprise CBT Session With Niece

CBT Phone SexI can’t believe he fell into my trap!

I had always wanted to play with the cock of my uncle. I decided to go into his bedroom, get on my knees and beg for his cock. He so generously showed me his huge 10-inch cock. I stroked the cock up and down, licked it a bit and put that cock between my tits so he could tittyfuck me. Then, I told him to get down on his knees. The second he got down on his knees I started kicking and stomping on his cock and balls. He tried to tell me to stop, but judging by how much his cock twitched when I slammed my heels on his balls. He thought he was going to get an obedient little cock slut who was going to ear me out. I would rather jump up and down on your balls than be your cock slave. In fact, I’m going to jump up and down on your balls right now.

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