Trashy School Girl

I am not your average school girl. I mean I was a few weeks ago before I started failing some of math class. I knew I needed to get my grades up anyway that I could. I tried coming on to my teacher but he just would not have it. He said he is a married man and just could not cheat on his wife. I was running out of ideas until one day I came in the classroom to get something I forgot. I walked up behind my teacher and saw him watching a porn of a girl masturbating and I noticed he was rubbing his dick through his pants. That is when I knew just what I had to do. The next morning I came to school early before he got there, cause I knew he always came at least a hour before anyone else. When he walked in he was surprised by me sitting on his desk with my legs spread all the way apart in some red panties, with black fish net stalkings on and some black heels. He was yelling for me to leave right now. As he was talking I slid my red panties to the side and started rubbing my clit and he could see the juices dripping down to my sweet asshole. I asked him would this get me a better grade. He tried denying it over and over again but I knew I had him as soon as I slid my finger inside and pulled it out and put in his mouth and he started sucking. I could see bulge in his pants get bigger and bigger until he could not take it anymore and he started jacking off right there in front of me. I begged him to fuck me so hard that I promised to make him cum as long as he gave me an A plus. Within¬† a few minutes I could see the precum dripping from the head of his dick that is when he couldn’t take it and he grabbed my legs and pulled me closer, spread my legs all the way apart and start fucking his little school girl slut so hard. As he was fucking me he told me I could have anything I wanted as a grade. I reached down and started rubbing my clit and cream started squirting from my pussy on his dick till he came with me. Now, I get all the grades I want just from being a trashy school girl. I plan on fucking my way up in every class.

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