Toys In Bed Are always Fun with Lacey

I woke up early and started thinking of the way I love to be held and it made me so horny that I began to  play with my breasts.  I then slid my hand under my satin sheets and sure enough I was beyond wet. I began to rub my breasts, and play with my nipples until they were perky and hard. I moaned as I felt my body heat rise and my eager pussy calling me to be played with. I slipped my hand to my pink wet lips and rubbed them. I opened them up and found my hard clit and teased it as I felt my body arch and raise. I was getting that feeling, and the sparks trickled through me as I came.
I then went into my end table and pulled out my vibrator and my butt plug with the lube that we use when Jim fucks me in my ass. I licked and kissed the vibe the way I have oral with a willing guy. I teased the head with my tongue, and kissed it up and down the shaft as I moaned with lust. I sucked deep and rolled my tongue around the shaft until it was ready. I then turn it on and teased my clit with it at first. I could feel my body tingle as I work it soft and slow as my pussy got so warm and soaked. I then slipped it in and worked it in and out trying to remember Jim’s pace. I stroked the vibe in my hungry sex hole until I was gasping for air from the heat. I soon felt a wave of orgasm crash over me as I rose up and laid my body back down on the bed. I then decided to try and top that. I lubed the butt plug and my rosebud, I gently slid the tip of the butt plug into my ass and turned it on. I felt vibrate in my ass as I took my vibe and teased my clit again. It was the most unreal, but sexually ridiculous thing I’ve ever done, but well worth my sex time. My moans were so loud and I felt my body shake and shiver as the most intense solo orgasm I ever felt, that left me in a spent pile on the bed.

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