Tonight Its Party Time!

It’s so out of the ordinary for me to do anything on a Monday other than sleep. I like to stay in to get a good night’s rest for school the next day, but my classmate had very different ideas for our night. She’s from Australia and she says that she’s never missed one Australia Day celebration so I promised I’d help her celebrate. We ended up bar hoping downtown and we both had such a blast! Every bar we went inside our drinks were covered because of how good we looked that night, women get all the perks! I had forgotten all about the need to be at school early tomorrow morning. I was going to have to just drag myself into class and get over it. This night was just too good to pass up.

We stumbled down the street screaming “HAPPY AUSSIE DAY!!” as we headed to the next bar. We bumped into some hot boys on the way to our next stop, they were definitely worth the detour. My classmate walked off far in front of me to flirt with the guy she liked. Leaving me behind to entertain his other 3 friends. One was extremely shy and I thought he was afraid of me by how far off he seemed. The other two were all over me, I could feel their hands all over me. I was too wasted to figure out which hands belonged to who, I was just enjoying the feeling of my body being handled tonight! I lost sight of my friend as I got lost in their touch. The last thing I remember before my alarm going off was me begging for nut as my face was stuck on a brick wall. When I woke up I felt all the dry cum stuck to the side of my face and pillow. I was a mess as I dragged myself to class. 









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