Tongue Pleasures

Growing up I was called the little cock or oral tease. Not no more though now I am known for my tongue pleasures. I love pleasing a man with my tongue and mouth. It comes with being a cum slut for so long. I like to drop down to my knees for a man with a nice and hard cock and just open my mouth wide and stick my tongue out and let him just twirl that cock all over my tongue and all inside of my mouth. When, he grabs me by the back of my hair and pushes me furthers down on it, I still let my tongue just twirl around all over that that thick, hard cock of his. The moment my taste buds just get a slight taste of cum, I immediately move my tongue to the tip of the cock and lick all that cum off it it. Cum is so sweet and tasty! I go back down and deep throat it like the little cum whore that I am till he is ready to explode. Then comes my favorite part my tongue gets to feel some tasty pleasures as his cum shoots all over my tongue. Once, he is all finished I slurp it all right up and swallow it, that’s what a good little cock sucking slut does leaves no messes behind. Come get some tongue pleasures!

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