Toilet Slave Gets Showered With My Golden Piss

Golden Shower Phone Sex


You love being my little toilet slave, don’t you? You love having my golden nectar in your mouth and covering your body. When I’m with you, I never have to use a toilet. You are always there to gather my piss. You love it when I piss in your mouth and I drank so much water that I’m going to burst. Get down on your knees and open your mouth. I’m going to piss inside your mouth and I don’t want you to spill a drop. Catch every drop of my sweet piss and swallow it all. Don’t you love how warm and tasty it is? We’re not done. I still want to cover you in my piss. Get in the shower and lay down under me. I’m going to piss all over your face and neck. Don’t you like the taste that is on your lips from my piss? Now, rub all the piss from your neck and face onto your chest and arms so you can be completely covered in my sweet golden nectar.

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