Today You Will Please Me

fantasy phone sexHe came into the parlor looking for a good time. My girls were busy, and I already knew he was a demanding prick so I decided I would take care of him. Today he would have the tables turned on him and I would make him my little bitch. This Asian princess was going to show him who exactly was the boss. We went back to the room, and he undressed and lay on the table covered in a towel. I also undressed and came over to him telling him that I was there to please him. He smiled and the towel moved a little further up as his cock gets hard when he has women submit. I started the massage and was going for his first happy ending. Once he unleashed his load all over my hands I smiled as I licked all his warm cum from my fingers. This did exactly as I suspected, and his dick was rising again. But this time I reached down and grabbed a cage. Quickly snapped it in place and swallowed the key. He was pissed but then I started to finger my tiny wet hole and his cock was trapped. He winced in pain, and I laughed at him, telling him he would now please me, at least for the next day or so or until I decided the cage would be unlocked. His cock throbbed against the constraints as he made his way between my legs and started eating my wet pussy.

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