To Condom Or Not

When I was growing up the health department gave free condoms. We used to go get bags at a time and bring them home. Of course we all stuffed a hand ful in our pockets to use for “protection”. But we couldn’t resist doing other things with them. To this day I don’t know where they got the variety they put in those bags. They had a multitude of colors. Every fucking color you could think of, red ones. Blue ones, green ones, yellow ones, purple ones, you name it they had it. They had ribbed and smooth, lubricated and un lubricated. I mean when we first started getting them we were amazed that they came in such a variety.
Thinking back on all the condoms we got, all the ones we kept and all the ones we actually used, I am surprised every one of us were not pregnant. We all talked a good game, the guys and the girls, about how we wanted to be safe. How we needed to use a condom every time. But when it came down to it and we were ready to fuck, no one gave a damned about taking the time to put on a condom. The guys bitched about it not feeling as good and in truth we liked it better when we could feel that jizz jerk up inside of us. We all also agreed that we loved the taste of cum and loved licking it off a cock that was just in us or having it sucked out of our pussy by another chick. Bareback is defiantly the way to go when it comes to fucking. At least in our circle.

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