It’s My Way!

Princess Phone SexI can’t get enough of you spoiling me, taking me shopping, taking me out on the town, and fucking me as well as you do, but all these things have to be done my way. I know you are tired and don’t want to go shopping the second you get home so I don’ t ask you too, instead I feed you and suck on your cock while you relax from your hectic day. I even ride your cock until you’ve cum a second time, so don’t expect me to just sit there and stare at you while you unwind. I actually disappear and you thought I left, but I walk into the living room wearing the tiniest little itty bitty teensy weensy corset you’ve ever seen with an equally small thong.

You reach for me, but i tell you there’s more to cum – literally. I tell you to just enjoy this and I will take are of everything, but only because we are going shopping tomorrow whether you like it or not. I change into another sexy outfit, this time its a scoop neck dress that goes down to my waist so you can see between my tits and all the way to by panty line. I walk over to you and let you grab me and do with me what you want since I have been teasing you relentlessly all night! I love having things my way, especially when you don’t realize it!

GFE Phone Sex

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