Tiny Dancer

I really want to show my new instructors what a good ballerina I am and how dedicated I am and how I would do anything to get the spotlight in our recital. My ballet class has been running a lot longer since they started. Well, for me anyway. *giggles* Everyday, they teach me something new and give me new stretches to practice. My little cunny it gets so wet when he puts his weight on top of me and I can feel him growing. I spread my legs wide for him and he rips my tights so he can have a taste of my juices after all the hard work I’ve done. Then they each take a hole and fuck me good. I’ve learned so much from them! I can’t wait to try some of these new tricks on Daddy. He’ll be so proud! Plus, I’m pretty sure I’ll get to be the swan princess. I think I earned it.

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