Time To Go Down Under

golden showers phone sex dixieI love it when my Aussie calls me. I love his accent and how kinky he is. He called me today and informed me that he was on holiday and he wanted to have fun. It seems it is Australia Day. What better way to celebrate Australia Day then to go down under with my mate?

Feeling very Australian today he told me all about the Roo and it’s mating habits that we would incorporate into our call. He shared some most interesting details. He informed me that the male Roo stimulates the female to urinate before mating so that he can smell her pheromones.

Finding his information stimulating I suggested we have a golden shower session. Encouraging him to stimulate me so that I could urinate for him, on him and let him smell and feel the warm fluid flowing over his body.

Just as I thought, my kinky mate loved the idea and we went with it. He rubbed my cunt stimulating me until I distributed a steady stream of hot piss all over his chest and face making his cock rock hard. Licking his lips he fucked this pussy begging me to piss all over his hard dick while he was inside me. How could I refuse my Aussie on his special day? I let off another steaming stream all over him and he shot his big hot load deep inside me before going down under and licking me clean.

Happy holiday mate!sh banner

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