Happy Australia Day with Some Thunder From Down Under

cheating phone sex hot MILFToday is Australia Day. I love Aussies. Those men from down under are so sexy with their rugged outback ways and sexy accents. I felt like I needed to celebrate the day in a fitting way. Show those Aussies just how much this American chick appreciates them.  I live close to Vegas, so my girlfriend and I drove last night to go see The Thunder Down Under.  They are male strippers from Australia. What better way to celebrate the day than with a group of well built, well hung Aussies?

cheating phone sex big cocksThey gave a great show. I love big cock. And let me tell you, that what they got down under is HUGE. My girlfriend and I were stuffing our hubbies’ money in their buns of steel all night long. We even got up on stage and danced with them. They give an amazing show. I always thought male strippers were gay. I mean how do you dance naked in front of horny women rubbing all over you and not get an erection? I found out there is nothing gay about the Thunder from Down Under accept maybe their glittered thongs that don’t stay on long anyway.

A couple of the dancers wanted to keep partying with my girlfriend and I, so we went to their hotel with them. They have permanent guest rooms at Excalibur where they perform. We had a few drinks, got to know them a bit, listened to those sexy accents, got even hornier. I got a bit buzzed and just blurted out, “I need some thunder in my down under.”  Next thing I know, I have a huge Aussie cock in my mouth, as does my friend. Thick as hell cock too. Side by side, we were celebrating Australia Day with two Outback cocks in our mouths. Before long we had some serious thunder in our pussies too.

big tit photos hairy pussy MILFAmazing fucks. I got on top of my stripper, lowered myself reverse cowgirl  style on his cock, and wrangled that cowboy cock. He had some serious heat. Stretched my pussy out. Felt amazing. My friend was getting fucked just as well. Her husband is like mine, pretty much useless except for his wallet. We let those Aussie hunks pound our pussies for hours. I even squirted. It was funny too, because we were fucking in front of each other when I did, so my jet stream hit my bestie in the chest. The boys thought it was hot though. Even hotter, when I licked my juices off her big boobs.

The morning came, and we headed back to suburbia with pussies filled with Aussie cum for our husbands. We celebrated Australia Day with Aussie cock, our hubbies celebrated with Aussie pie, creampie !!!

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