It’s Time To Party

What is better then sex, drugs and rock and roll? Nothing…this party animal is about to get fucked up and get you fucked up right along with me. I love it when you snort coke off my body and then let me snort he shit off your rock hard cock. We can fuck all night long when we are getting high and that my friend is a banging good time! Turn the music up, feel it vibrate your whole body, it feels so fucking sexy! Let’s do body shots and get drunk as hell while licking and sucking booze off each others body. You name the fucking drug and I am down with doing it with you. Uppers, downers, pills, smoke, shooting up, it doesn’t fucking matter! Anything to intensify the feelings of being touched and fucked and to alter my minds perception of reality. So what are you waiting for lets just get fucked up and fuck each others brains out.

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