Pick your Poison

I love to be wrapped in rubber, or latex. I love the cool feel of it against my skin. I love how sexy it looks on me! Almost as sexy as the knots I tie on my victims. I love to dress them in heavy ropes. I want it to burn and dig into them when they move. I truss them up like the little sluts they are. And then pick what I am going to do with them. And who I want to play with me. Do I want to cook them… Are they clean enough to be dinner. Or do I want to torture and rape them to death. Such hard choices. Sometimes I let my accomplice help me decide. Sometimes I know before I take them what I have in store for them. Nasty dirty little sluts just beg to be handled brutally. I don’t mind the blood or the torture. It makes me wet! So pick your poison. And let’s have some fun.

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