This Sexy Accomplice Loves Miami Dope

accomplice phone sex

There is so much an accomplice whore will do  for some good dope! A very good guy friend told me he would hook me up with some of that good white. A nice eight ball but I needed to do something for him. I figured he needed a good blow job and some hot Latina pussy. And I wanted that Miami cocaine!  I was willing and able to give him what he wanted. I knew he had that good white boy cock, a couple of my home girls had fucked him last weekend and walked funny after! So you know I was down, I am a lot of things but cock whore is the first and foremost! When he met me in his apartment I saw he has all these saved murder articles and pictures of young girls who had been killed. His proposal was for this slut to go find his next victim! She had to be blonde, petite and a virgin. And I was to help him hurt and force fuck her. I smiled and crept along my face and my cunt got so wet I almost came on myself. Hell, I loved cutting bitches up and fucking tight juicy holes! And some good dope on top of it. 

I came back three hours later with the perfect girl. Shy with strawberry blonde hair and a smattering of freckles. I threw her on his bed as she cried out for her mommy. My knife put the fear of god in her and she shut up just in time for my man of the hour to show her what a cock was for the first time in her life. He rammed her throat as I squeezed it jacking her off with her neck from the outside. When it was time to fuck her he told me that after he came he wanted to fuck her in her still beating heart, That was how we were going to snuff her out….

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