This Hole is NOT Made for a Little Dick!

I have a favorite truck stop that I like to visit, to find new clients.  They’ve got great food, good company, and a very special surprise in the bathroom.  The last stall shares a wall with the shower room, where truckers can go freshen up.  It’s a perfect location for the well-worn glory-hole!

I like the exciting anonymity of glory-holes!  It’s just me and the cock!  It’s purely pleasure-focused.  So, I use the glory-hole as an advertising tool, so to speak.  It’s a great way to showcase my talent.  And, if the guy enjoys my skills – as they always do – then, he’s waiting for me when I leave the bathroom.  Sometimes, I follow them to their trucks, if they’re willing to pay for an encore.

There’s a lot of trust that goes into this act, but that’s part of the excitement.  Cocks can cum and go without any pressure to be attracted to the other person, and I can play with them all, or reject them all.  But, what I like to do is wait for that special, big one.  Now, there are always a few duds before you come across a stud!  I take my time to choose wisely.  This glory-hole has plenty of space, so when I see a cock peek in that doesn’t have much wiggle-room, I pounce!  A big cock is a terrible thing to waste, but a wonderful thing to taste. LOL


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