The Strip Club

I needed a few extra bucks so I got a side job at the strip club. I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not but as soon as I got on the stage and the music started playing I started getting really turned on. All those men watching me as I moved to the music, whistling and hooting, sticking bills in my garter. Looking at me like i was a fresh hunk of meat. It was fucking hot as hell. And when I was asked for a lap dance I thought I would cum in my g-string. Then I was told that someone paid for a private dance. We went into the private booth and the music started. I ground my pussy all over his dick and could feel it getting hard through his jeans. They aren’t supposed to touch but when he reached up and started rubbing my tits, pinching and pulling them I let out a groan. Before I knew it, his cock was out and poking at my wet pussy. When he told me he was giving me a tip, I giggled and asked if I could have the whole damned thing because the tip wouldn’t be enough. He fucked me good in the private room and then handed me a fifty dollar bill. I think I am going to like this striping thing!

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