Special Request


I had a special request this week. I thought it was going to be super easy. But it was NOT! One of most valuable resourses asked for a favor. Of course I would never dream of saying no. He wanted me to take the girl that lived next door to him. And her annoying little toy pooch. She was just a slip of a girl, barely 110 lbs. So I really thought it would be super easy to get her. But the Bitch is never alone. And that fucking yapping ankle biter… NO one could get close to the slut with out it going off the deep end. Everything I tried that little bitch was one step ahead of. She never stuck to a single schedule. She never took the same path home. I followed her for 5 days. The bitch hardly ever slept! I was run ragged and getting VERY very frustrated. I just had to WAIT for my chance. And then it just happened. The little slut turned her back and that yapper took off running. I was still in my car when I snatched that bitch up. I used a little chloroform and knocked the pooch out. It was easy to get the whore in my car. I told her I ran over her dog and was rushing it to the vet. She jumped right in. I had the chloroform out and she was DOWN before she knew it. I drove her right out to the cabin. Put the mutt in a cage. And stripped the little whore down. Mark had said he wanted her UNHARMED. So there was only a few things I could do to the slut. I scrubbed her from head to toe. Taking off all her perfume and make up. She woke up in the middle. She was screaming and yelling at me. So I snapped on some nipple clamps. TIGHT. And when ever she yelled I gave them a good hard tug. It only took 3 times before she stayed quite. AND we waited… Until Mark got there. He took over playing with her. Biting her tits and pulling on her nipples. He put a spider gag in and fucked her mouth. Then fucked her pussy. And finished up in her tight ass! He wanted me to start punching her in the face while he was cumming. It was so hot. I knew he was going to get much more violent. But that was all I was asked to do. I left him alone with his new play thing.

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