The Pizza Delivery Guy’s Large Tip!

T.G.I.F.! There’s something about Fridays that brings out the wild side of me! But, this week I just want to just relax with my family and have a good-old, American pizza and movie night. No matter how old they get, eating pizza with Mommy is always something my little ones will want to do. Agreeing on a movie…well, that’s another story! LOL

I remember last time we ordered pizza for a family night. The guy that delivered the pizza was early. I answered the door in just my bra and panties, and invited him in, so I could go get some money. He must have been turned on by the sight of me barely dressed. Before I could walk away, he tried to strike up a conversation. I gave him a good once-over – young, buffed, pretty teeth, and…oh, a hard cock! I told him to follow me into my room, so I can pay him. Like a good, little cub, he followed this cougar into her den. He said he liked the way my ass jiggled, and asked to touch it. I sat him on the bed, and gave him a lap dance, making sure I gave him plenty of booty action. I danced out of my underwear, and placed his hand on my pussy. I guided his fingers inside my juicy slit, and let him have at it. I came all over his hand, and then sucked his fingers clean. I pulled out his cock, and moaned with excitement at the sight of his long rod with a big, throbbing tip. I had to taste it! I didn’t get to suck very long, before I started to feel him jerk. I moved my mouth, and aimed his missile at my face. His thick, warm cum felt so good on my face!

I wonder who’s delivering tonight…

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