I Love Mondays!

While everybody at work is T.G.I.F.-ing it up, excited about it being Friday, and their upcoming weekend events, I prefer Mondays.  Why?  Weekends are days when I don’t get my daily orgasm from my co-worker.  But, Mondays begin another week of pussy play at work!

My co-worker is a married, white guy with two youngsters.  He’s only about twelve years older than me, so we find lots to talk about.  He was a man-whore in college, and now he’s on his second marriage, but I’m the only black pussy he’s ever touched!  His office is right next to his boss, so we are always at risk of getting caught!  Every day I step into his office, and strike up a conversation.  We always leave the door open, increasing the danger.  While we talk, I stand next to him, face to face, and lean back on his desk.  He reaches over, and massages my monkey – sometimes inside my clothes, sometimes through my clothes.  If he’s under my skirt and inside my panties, he’ll slide his fingers up my hot tunnel, and lick them clean after I cum.  He says he loves the way my pussy smells and tastes, so most days he tries not to wash his hands for as long as possible.  On days when I wake-up extra horny, I nix the panties, so he can get on his knees and eat me.  He always pinches on my nipples, and play with my big tits the whole time.  I never even have to touch him, unless I want to.

Damn Fridays!

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