The Great Two-For

I run into a lot of married men.  Most of them are looking to cheat on their wives with some black pussy.  What a surprise, when they find that I don’t have a slit, but a stick between my legs!  Seeing my big black cock usually excites the curiosity within them, which surprises them even more.  Every once in a while the guy gets the bright idea to share me with his wife – it’s a situation that can be a bit awkward, if wifey doesn’t know that her Mister has a secret “sister” in him!  But, nine times out of ten, she already knows, and is ecstatic that she gets the opportunity to indulge in being pounded my a huge black dick.  Most men would be insanely jealous watching their wife get done by another man, moreover, a man more hung than he.  Not my twinkies!  My bitches get off, literally, on seeing my dark pipe plunge into their Missus’ creamy white cunt.  Hell, I’m doing them a favor – they don’t have to hear her begging to be laid for a good, long while after experiencing my pipe!  But, don’t get me wrong, pussy is NOT my preference!!  So, after I’m done with those loose lady-parts, I’m eager to rip into some tight man-gina!

Want to give your wife a present she’ll never forget?  Give the gift of big black dick!  LOL

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