The Exhibitionist


I Exhibitionist Phone Sex

I am your typical Exhibitionist. Everywhere I go I want to be naked. I hate clothes! I feel like my nice hot body needs to be seen. Got Dammit look at me! Don’t I make you want to fuck me right here! Right now! I have no shame in my game baby. Recently I went to all nude beach. I did not want to leave. My pussy was practically dripping from seeing everyone naked. There were so many shapes and sizes of dicks and pussy. I wanted to taste them all. I actually did get to pull one hot guy to the side. I kneeled down right then and there and just started sucking his fat thick cock right then and there. He exploded all in my mouth and I gladly licked it up and swallowed every last drop. How I feel we should never wear clothes don’t you agree? I feel life is all about fucking and sucking and being the best cum filled whore you can be!

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