Babysitter For Hire

babysitter phone sex

I have always loved being a babysitter phone sex slut. I started babysitting when I was younger, but not because I actually like hanging out with brats. Fuck no. I only did it because I wanted to fuck all of the hot dads. As word started getting out that I would put out, all the dads in the neighborhood wanted to hire me because they wanted to fuck my tight teen pussy. But not just everyone had a chance. It was pretty awesome to have all these guys after me. But after a while, I figured out that I could make a lot of money from these ugly guys whose wives didn’t even want to fuck them. I made a killing then, and I still do.

A lot of these dads would worry about being found out. I guess they didn’t want anyone knowing about their nasty little fuck toy. So not only did they pay me a high rate to “babysit”, they also had to start paying blackmail money when I started threatening them. Oh, it was so much fun and it made my pussy wet to blackmail them, so as soon as I had cash in hand, of course I hopped right on and rode those cocks.


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