The coed breeder

Impregnation Phone Sex

I’m sure you want to shove your hard cock deep inside this fertile hole. You must pay up first, and I will let you bury your cock deep in my twat, hoping to get me knocked up. The look of a young coed growing your seed is all you can think about, and now that your wife has finally closed the factory, you have been craving fertile tight pussies. I met Craig at the bar one Friday night. I knew he was up to something rolling into a college town bar. He spotted me and was all over me like bees on honey. A wealthy man with lots of notoriety. He invested in the bar and wanted to look at young little sluts and have his choice on which one would carry his seed. When I found out he was loaded and would take his time picking out his coed slut I wanted in, he slipped me his number soon after we got chatting. I called him that same night, and we had impregnation phone sex. He wants the perfect slut to breed; I know that will be me.

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