The clothes make the Woman

The clothes make the woman! Period. A hot woman naked is hot, sure! It gets your dick hard. Makes you want to fuck. But a hot woman in stockings and a garter belt. In a lacy little bra and some hot Fuck me Pump shoes! Now that gets you going. Makes you think of all the nasty things you want to do. Makes your legs weak and dick throb. Makes you want to do more than fuck. Makes you want to unwrap your present! It makes you want to do things you have only dreamed of. It makes you want to be in a fantasy!  You know it’s true! You know you want to see a woman that dresses like a whore. Begging for your cock. Pleading for your cum. And willing to do ANYTHING to get it. A real whore knows what you want. And knows just how to give it to you. And the number one thing a REAL whore knows… The clothes make the woman. Any bitch can be naked! That’s not what you need! You need me!


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