The Biggest cum shot came from a teacher!

The Biggest cum shotThe Biggest cum shot came from a teacher. I will do anything to get my way and I mean anything! My spawn is only good for one thing and being book smart, well let’s just say that isn’t it. We don’t do homework in this house! We are too busy working out those tight, pretty little cunnies and those pretty, little, round asses! We are preparing them for their right place the real world! As good little cum whores like momma!

That’s why I wasn’t surprised to see my youngest was failing. This little whore is really pretty and if you want your cock sucked and fucked right, she is your good little whore! However, the only math she understands is how much she makes me if she gives that pussy, ass, mouth or all of the above. That’s why I knew I had to take things into my own hands, and mouth.

I walked into your office on a mission. My skirt was so short you could see my ass as I walked. My top barely covered my rock-hard nipples. “Which hole would it take to get my daughter an A?” I asked before you could greet me. “I was thinking we could start with the ass then you can put it in my mouth!” I say as I bend over your desk. You don’t hesitate and ram your cock deep in my firm, round, juicy ass and pound away! Your cock is so massive, and I love to be used!

As I start to cum from the friction and excitement you turn me around and push me to my knees. I love ass to mouth, and I really love to please. I jerk your cock slowly as i bob my head just right and before I knew it you blew a huge load all over my face! “Damn that was amazing baby! Now what’s your daughter’s name?” You ask without shame! I try to look up with a smile upon my cum covered face! “I’m so glad we could cum to an agreement baby!”

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