That’s My Orca Whale Sized Dick

White girls and white guys always ask me why I love black cock so much. Well look at this fucking dick as big as a fucking Orca Whale. I sometimes call it Shamu I love it when he slams it inside my cunt and makes me feel like I have been split wide fucking open. Look how fucking long it is! It feels like it is going to rip right out of my stomach each time he shoves it deep inside me, banging my pussy hard and fast. I try so hard to get the whole damned thing down my throat but try as I might I can’t do it,. I do so love to take it deep in my ass. he can shove that bad boy all the way in and I love the way it hurts. I can also let him shove it deep in my pussy, it drives me wild. I need a medic when he is done with me. I would love to fuck a big white dick but I haven’t found one as big as a whale yet! I will keep looking!

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