Squeaky Clean

So we are all sitting around partying and having a great time. People are starting to take their clothes off and letting our freak flags fly. The night is young and the fun is just beginning with hot wet pussy and hard ass dicks. It isn’t unusual during our parties fort he chicks to end up together with a guy in the middle of them. The guys we hang with love being sandwiched in between two chicks. I have been double teamed by two guys before, interested in fucking the shit out of me. But I have often wondered what it would be to be on the reverse of two chicks into each other with a guy in the middle and make it two guys into each other with me in the middle. Little did I know that tonight was going to be my lucky night. I just so happened to have to go to the bathroom and the one in the hall was in use by several people at one time. So I slid off to the other bathroom in the bed room and there they were in the tub, kissing cousins getting squeaky clean together. They paid me no attention and continued making out while I took a piss, but when I was done I made sure they acknowledged my presence. I took off my clothes and stuck my head in between them licking their throbbing dicks that were touching while they were making out. It was the hottest fucking thing I have ever done. We didn’t re join the party for some time and promised to keep our little threesome a secret for now.

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