Thank you Baby for these red silky panty

I’ve just got done taking a bubble bath, and shaving my pussy completely bald. It’s so soft and smooth that I can’t stop sliding my fingers down to feel my soft, wet slit. I go into my bedroom to change, and my door opens slowly. There you are, standing with a gift for me from Victoria’s Secret. I jumped into your arm and kiss you passionately, as my towel falls off, and my wet, naked body presses up against you. I open your gift to find that you bought me silky, red boy-short panties along with a hot, bombshell push-up bra. You ask me to put on the red panties, and turn around to shake my booty. When I turn back around, you whip out cock, and I quickly get down on my knees to suck that already hard cock in gratitude. I’m so horny for you baby that my freshly shaved pussy is dripping right threw my new panties…

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