Dinner and a Show

I have a question. Have you ever seen the legs on your mail man? Honesty I never noticed my mail man… Im just wondering if all mail men have those big thick muscles. I have to ask because well.. I was eating lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant. I was running late and needed to pay my bill so I could leave. But the wait staff was nowhere to be found. So I went to the back to find someone. I walked around the corner and right into the sexiest thing I have ever seen. Pressed up against the hall wall, a slim young beautiful girl. Her long dark hair flowing down her back almost to her hips. Her pale face turned up and her full ruby lips parted. Her blouse wide open, and her red bra is pulled down under her lushes round breasts. Her skirt pushed up around her waist. Large tan hands holding her at the hips. Her toned legs wrapped around his hard body. She was clawing at his back, trying to pull him closer to her. His firm sculptured legs holding all her weight as he lifted her up and down on his hard cock. His tight ass clinching every time her thrust deep inside her. Her moans begging, calling out to him. I watched him for another 20 minutes, until he finally shoot his load deep inside the girl. Then I made my way back to my table. About 3 minutes later. My waitress came out. She was flushed and smelled of fresh sex and cum. Right behind her…. My mail man. In his postal uniform. I couldn’t believe it! I had no idea my mail man was so strong and so fucking sexy. I decided to skip my plans and beat my mail man home… Its time for my postal delivery.

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