Teasing you….

Each move I make is very intentional.  Surely you don’t really think you are over there watching me and jacking off and I don’t realize it?  The little show I am putting on isn’t for my own benefit, I can assure you.

I close my eyes and listen to the sounds in the woods.  If I am real quiet I can also hear the sounds of you stroking.  Every time I slow the movements of my hands caressing my body you slow your jacking, watching, anticipating.  So essentially I am controlling your stroke rate thru my own movements and you don’t even realize it.

You watch me here , nude, horny, teasing myself.  My hands caressing every intimate spot on my body as you watch, and stroke.  I know all you are waiting for is for me to slide my fingers up in my sweet juicy hole so you can finally cum.  No, no , no….. I surely cannot give it to you that easy.  I want to tease you to the point of no return……..

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