Tease Me Please Monika

I have always loved how having the power feels! The power and control over men that is.  My pussy aches all the time and I love playing on cam for these guys to drool and cum watching me shove cocks and vibrators and anything else i can in my pussy.This one guy was really getting into it,telling me how he wanted me to lay and stuff. So I took control.

I took my vibrator and began sucking on it while I worked over my clit with my fingers then without missing a stroke, I shoved a dildo in my tight asshole too. Taking one dildo deep down my beautiful throat while letting the other one hum in my ass, shoving it farther and farther inside of me while my fingers began to thrust inside my tight soaked pussy.I was l loving the feeling of having every hole filled at the same time. Knowing men were watching me and stroking their hard cocks made me squirt over and over again.

After a few weeks I decided to really give them a treat. I bought one of those fucking machines with the dildo on a rod.  I got down on my hands and knees; one in my mouth, one in my ass; and the dildo machine was working my pussy over as it thrust harder and deeper inside of me I turned it up more and more til it was running full blast. I came so hard over and over and over and the men (and women as well) in my cam room said I was the best fuck they had ever seen or had. I love my cam, my machine, and my fan. Most of all. I just love being fucked.

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