Tease & Denial sweet torture…

Your tongue lightly licking my toes, my calves, my thighs… working your way up to my sweet hotbox.  The whole time you are nurturing my skin with your skilled tongue I know you are hoping once you meet your destination my panties will cum off easily.

I am dripping wet, I will not lie my panties are so wet with my juices I can feel it seeping through my shorts.  However what turns me on the most is teasing you.  Even though I am ready to fuck you right now, I won’t.  Not until I have made you wait, and wait, and wait some more.  I want your cock so horny for me that you are jumping through hoops to please me.  The hornier you are for me, the better you will lick me, suck me and fuck me. 

I want you SUPER horny, balls swollen and about to explode… and then and only then will I tease you even more….


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