Succumb to Evil

I am a force to be reckoned with. Pure unadulterated evil. I suppose I should come with a warning label because I am extremely addictive. Before you know it you’ll be giving up your perfect little life to become one with mine. It’s so wrong you tell me to look at “them” like that. Oh you mean those sweet little angels? Hmm, I suppose you are right. But since when did doing something wrong not feel right? You’ve tried to hide it but I see right through you. You crave them don’t you. The tiny morsels. The ones too sweet and innocent to put up much of a fight. I do love how you try so hard to convince yourself you are not a monster. We both know the truth. We both know how hard your cock gets when you think of what will become of those little dolls. You know I will force you to break them in every way. You like that it’s me pushing you to do those terrible things. Me I like watching the remnants of your soul drool out until all that is left is that emptiness that I quickly refill with my evil. I will tempt you, you can try to resist but in the end, I will win.  The only losers here are the ones we choose for the slaughter.  Each innocent will taste better than the last.  Trust me… it will be worth it.  

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