There is a man who wears a tattoo of my face on his scrotum.  His name is Sebastian.  He was branded over a year ago, in response to his cheating wife’s promiscuity.  It was my decision to have him branded.  He was not the typical cuckold, as he is well endowed (10.5 inches by 3 inches).  He is strikingly handsome, and knows how to use his package, quite well,  I must say.  I typically don’t like to fuck submissive men, but in his case, I let him fuck me, but make him think that I am doing him a service by having him pay me for my letting him put his penis inside of me.  However, I secretly enjoy his sex and fight very hard to hold back my screams and moans.  When he makes me orgasm, I fight desperately as to not let him know the pleasure that he brings me.  So, getting back to the tattoo:  I wanted it done, so that whomever he fucks will know that he belongs to me (in spirit, soul, and mind). His wife has now become possessive of him, as a result of his branding.  She ordered him to have my face removed from his balls, but as per my instruction, he told her that he will divorce her if she doesn’t let it be.  Ahhhhhh, the pleasure that I gain, knowing that I have turned a cheating bitch into a monogamous codependent wreck.

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