Home Invasion Surprise

Sometimes watching a friend get stuffed with big black cock is as much fun as being stuffed full of that dick your self. And sometimes we just take turns getting fucked by that monster cock.
We knew it was coming we just didn’t know when. They agreed to “break in” the apartment and rape us good but they wouldn’t tell us when. We asked for it, and the waiting and wondering had us cumming at every sound and creak we heard for weeks now.
Finally they did just like they said and here we were getting taken and watching each other as we were getting the shit fucked out of us by these big beautiful black cocks. They went all out with masks and gloves, the whole nine yards. It was hot as fuck! They just left and we were just getting our breath when here they came again, no masks, not as authentic. They didn’t look tired or winded. In fact they swore they hadn’t been there at all. That’s when we knew  and we started cumming all over again!

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