Soaked In More Ways Then One

When we set on our journey I was so excited. My pussy was wet and ready. We were headed for the cabin by the lake. He loves taking me there and fucking me outside in the open air. We go out on the canoe and fuck in the middle of the lake. We always stay a day or two and never put on a stitch of clothes. It is so secluded that we know we can just be free. His cock is always hard and my pussy is always wet.
Half way there I can’t help it, I am so fucking horny that I run my hand up his leg as he is driving and start rubbing his cock through his pants. I look at him and smile as he tries to readjust as his dick grows in his pants. I lean over and pull it out and take it in my mouth licking and teasing it loving the feeling and thinking about what is to come.
He has my hair in his hands and he is moaning and trying to drive. He can’t stand it anymore and has to pull over.
We get out and take a walk down a little trail on the side of the road all the while he is telling me how he is going to fuck my brains out as soon as he finds a spot.
We find a clearing and rip each others clothes off like wild animals.
We should have paid closer attention because about ten minutes into fucking like crazy it started to pour down rain.
By the time we get back to the car we are soaked to the bone. soon we will get to the lake and we will be fucking for two days straight!

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