Rainy Day Blues

Yesterday turned from the worst day to the absolute BEST! I was super bummed because I was supposed to go to this huge campus party, but it rained all day long and the streets were flooded and I couldn’t get there. Ugh, I was so pissed off! My hair was curled, and my makeup was done perfectly, but no one was going to get to see it! I had plans to go to this party for weeks and I was so upset that my sweet, shaven little pussy was going to be left soaking wet with no horny frat guys to come stuff my tight hole. It just wasn’t fair! I started throwing a fit, whining about how bored I was.

Then, my brother finally had enough of my whining and shoved me out into the rain! I was pissed because the rain was ruining my hair and my mascara was running down my face. My clothes were soaked through and became kind of see through and my nipples stood up on end. My pussy began to drip when I noticed my brother’s cock jump as he stared at my tits through my shirt. He said “you want a fucking party, I’ll give you a party”. Then, he pushed me down into the mud in the pouring rain and shoved his fat cock deep inside my tight, teen pussy. He fucked me so hard, slamming into my little hole and calling me his slutty whore of a sister the whole time. We were both so into it as he continued to drill into my hot little body that we didn’t even notice Daddy pull up in the driveway.

He yanked us up out of the rain and shoved us inside. Daddy made me get down on my knees and explain why I looked like such a trashy slut in the front yard with my brother. Then, he pulled out his big, yummy dick and slipped it right into my mouth. Daddy made me suck on his cock while my brother came up behind me and fucked my tight little ass, cumming over and over inside my little bottom. After Daddy blew a big load all over my face, he made me go stand out in the rain until it was all rinsed off, so all the neighbors could see the little fucking whore that had a family party of her very own.

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