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Hot ass sex with the relator

hot ass sex

So my parents are in the market for a new home. I am super excited! The plus side of getting a new home is that they hired a super hot man to show us places. My parents work schedules have been hectic since they are trying to piece together all fund for the new place. My parents let me know that the relator has some homes that are needing to be shown becasue they are popular. My parents are not able to make it to the viewing so they ask the relator to pick me up from home and take me to get my oppinion and to send them pictures.

I am a sucker for older men. We get to the first empty house and I waist no time to act on my urges since my pussy is leaking down my thighs. He shows me the kitchen, living room, and what would be my bedroom. I feed into this little game. “So I assume my bed would go right here.” I lay on the ground and look up to the cealing, he starts to chuckle. I ask him “Do you know what is a great way to break in my new room?” I can tell he knows where I am going with this. I get on my knees infront of him, and start unbuckling his pants.

He trys to gently push me off of him, I laugh at his attempts. I grab his cock in my hand and start to stroke it in my mouth. I suck it looking up at him. I can feel the cum building up in his cock and I give it one last suck and tug. He blows his load right into my cheeks. Time for round two, lets hope I do not actually send a pic of what we are doing to my parents instead of the beautiful house.