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Forced Bisexuality with Mika

Forced Bisexuality Phone Sex  

I always get off on forced bisexuality phone sex. Forced bisexuality is fun in general; all men are bisexual at heart, sometimes they just need a bit of coaxing. I love to go on dating websites and lure “straight” men into dates with me. When I show up, they think I’m all woman, but when things start to heat up and my big black cock is revealed, they realize that I’m the best of both worlds. It’s amazing how easy it is to get them to stroke and suck me; they always preface it with “I’m not gay, but…” or “this doesn’t make me gay, right?” when expressing their curiosity and wonder. Then, before they know it, I have them on their knees, gagging on my dick while I hold their heads still and thrust as far back as I can go. And these same men always turn out to be power bottoms. They’re nervous to try it at first, with the right amount of lube and some foreplay, they are putty in my hands… or shall I say putty on my dick. You’d be surprised how many of these men enjoy getting fucked in the ass while stroking their cocks, under the delusion that they’re straight, telling me about their girlfriends and wives that they just so happen to be stepping out on, relationships that just don’t satisfy their deepest desire for thick black dick. I love stepping in to fill that void, especially because I get to fill their holes and drain my balls in the process!