Switching positions

bondage phone sex

I’m big on bondage, everything from hot bondage fucks to bondage phone sex. Usually, I am the one tied up and dressed up like a slave. I’m feeling a little adventurous and have decided to switch positions. It’s time my man becomes my bitch. I’m going to tease him and deny him, make him go berzerk. I want him to want to jump out of his skin and bone me. I have it all set up. I’m going to wear the sexiest black lingerie, handcuff him, tie him with ropes and get him nice tied up. 

When he thinks he is going to cum, I pull the rug from underneath him. He must obey and understand that he, too, shall not get to reach climax. It is a little payback from all the times he has enjoyed fucking with my head. It makes me feel so glorious to manipulate him and make myself reach orgasm while he only gets to see me have fun and he will be fucked over.

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    • Andrew on May 6, 2022 at 12:23 PM
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    You seem like a fun little switch who knows how to keep things interesting.

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