My Sweet Pet

There you are My sweet pet.  I was so happy to be able to spend time with you today.  You were there to greet Me, on your knees just as you know you are to do.  You had my hot bath ready, and you were careful when you bathed Me.  You know you aren’t to touch My tit, pussy, or ass with your bare hands, and you made sure that you keep that sponge between your skin and Mine.  Oh, I know it was hard for you to do.  I noticed how your breathing changed as you spread those luscious bubbles all over My soft skin, but you don’t get to do what you want, do you?

Now, here you are, kneeling before Me in the kitchen, just waiting for Me to give you some sort of attention.  Whether it be a tender touch to your upturned face, a softly spoken word, or even Me instructing you on how to please Me next.  If you are a good pet, I may, just may let you dine on My sopping wet pussy after My Boyfriend fucks Me later on.  I know you love to have that type of tasty treat on your tongue.  The mixture of His cum and My beautiful cunt juice? I can see your cock get hard as I talk to you about it, and it makes Me smile.  You be a good pet for the rest of the day, do what you are told, refrain from touching yourself, and you just might get that treat that you are craving right now.


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