Sweet Like Candy!

Daddy says my pussy is sweet as candy, he spoils me rotten too. He always takes me shopping and talks about how good my ass looks in the cute little skirts I pick out. Today was a  special shopping trip. I was getting ready for my birthday party! Daddy took me to a cute little lingerie shop and let me try on all sorts of pretty things. Daddy even helped me shaved my pussy real good for this particular shopping extravaganza. Daddy says my pussy is real pretty and I shouldn’t let hair grow all over it. I agree with him. It even feels better when he touches me down there. It makes me feel like a woman. Daddy says I am going to be the most beautiful woman and all the guys will throw themselves at my feet! How exciting is that! I’m gonna be like a princess or something. I always thought my daddy was preparing me for the finer things in life, and I am so ready for them. He even taught me how to take cock like a woman. He just loves when I throw my ass back and bounce all over his cock! I love to be his dirty princess! Let’s see the other gifts daddy has in store… He was hinting at a tattoo shop… Maybe I’ll get Daddy’s Slut on my pussy *giggles*

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