Cocksucking Cougar

As much as I love sucking pussy this old cougar loves a big stiff cock in her mouth. It makes my pussy so wet and warm to feel you tense up under me while your cock is in my mouth. I love being able to tease you with my tongue and make you cum when I want it not when you want it. Teasing that head of yours and waiting till you push towards my mouth longing to shove that dick deep sown my throat. You want to fuck my mouth hard and fast but I am in control and I love it. Bring me your dick and let me work you over, you know you love it. If your a really good boy I might lay you down and ride that massive dick, shoving it deep in my hot, wet pussy while I grinding you and you fill me up. I love the look in your eyes when I call my daughter in who is visiting from college and she shoves her pussy in your face while I ride that dick of yours. Two for the price of one, you didn’t know your were going to a buy one get one free sale did you? Mother and daughter driving you mad till you just want to cum, anywhere you are allowed to. Just lay back and enjoy the control we have and let us work our magic.

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