Surrender to Me or You Can’t Cum

Cock control


I love having control over your cock. You can barely keep yourself from jerking yourself off when you see my sexy body in my tiny bikini. Too bad I do not give you permission to touch your cock. I take off my bikini top and push my breasts together, pinch my nipples and bounce them up and down in front of your face. You watch the way my breasts jiggle and are desperate for release but I decide to tie your hands behind your back so you can behave. Then I take off my bikini bottoms to reveal my beautiful pussy. I start playing with my pussy right in front of you, telling you to beg for release. You refuse to surrender so I take my breasts and rub them on the sides of your cock a bit. After that I straddle you and rub my pussy against your cock. This takes you over the edge and you beg for me to allow you to cum. I ride your cock hard and fast, making you cum hard in my pussy. I own your cock now.

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