I am always hot and ready for my buddy to come over. He has the best fucking drugs and fucks like a jack hammer. My pussy stays wet and ready for his cock and the rest of me is always ready for the fucking high! So I decided to be a joker and made some dick cupcakes. They were intended as a treat for when we got the munchies. He has always said I suck the best dick ever and no one does it like I do. Being the smart ass that I am I brought him the cupcakes and told him that today he would have to suck his own dick. Imagine my surprise when he said OK! I looked at him like he was fucking crazy and then I was floored. Not much surprises me but when he cocked his leg up behind his head and sucked his own dick it threw me for a loop. I thought I had seen it all! I had to take a picture of that shit and let me tell you it fucking made my pussy dripping wet. That shit is hot as fucking hell! Hell fucking yes he is going to be doing that shit for me again!

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