Sexy Scuba

I have always wanted to scuba dive so when he offered to teach me I was more then ready! I didn’t know he was going to make it an erotic adventure. We held hands as we swam out to the reef. Once there we went down to explore and explore he did. I have never cum so hard in my life as I did down there in the depths of the ocean, isolated and surreal as he touched every part of me. Rubbing my pussy threw the wet suit and making me want so much more! Pinching and pulling my nipples and making them stand at attention. He knew exactly how to turn me on underneath the water. Of course I returned the favor and paid special attention to his dick also. I couldn’t wait to get back to the boat and rip this wet suit off so that he could impale me with his hard hot cock. I was so turned on by the time we got back to the boat that I fucked him like a wild animal. I think I shocked him because I am usually so demure in the bed room. But he brought it out of me with his romantic adventure!

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