Surprise Surprise Surprise

Oh dear me, I was having so much fun and he was such a glorious male specimen. We danced the night away and it took everything in my power to keep my hard cock tucked between my legs, concealing my surprise.
When he kissed me I couldn’t help the growing between my legs and when he grabbed my tits and rubbed my nipples not too hard and not too soft I felt like I would explode.
All I could think of was getting him home and having hot and mad sex with him, the thought of his cock, clearly a glorious size, judging from the bulge in his pants, between my lips.
By the end of the evening I still hadn’t told him what was in my pants and I just couldn’t figure out how to tell him. For some reason he seemed kind of nervous himself and I just didn’t want to ruin it.
When we got to my place and started making out, things got hot and heavy mighty fast. It wasn’t long before we were removing each others clothes.
Imagine my surprise when he took his pants off and the bulge in his pants was a cup, not a nut.
It just so happened he was a tranny too, going from female to male and had completed his hormone therapy but had not had his gender reassignment done.
Of course I am going from male to female and I am in the same boat.
It turned out to be a glorious night darling, in fact he is still here!

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