Suprise Tip

I have a new little friend. He showed up at my house to cut my grass! He was so cute and eager to help me. I was laying out tanning while he mowed my yard. When he was done and dripping wet with sweat. I ran inside to get him a towel. I brought out a hand towel and dried him off myself! As I toweled his stomach his cock grew so big he made a tent in his shorts. I moved that towel down and pushed against his hard cock. He sucked in his breath and his eyes got so big. I could tell he was a virgin. A sweet young virgin. I asked him if he was ok and he just said yes ma’am.. in the cutest little stuttering voice. So I told him granny was gonna take care of him. I reached down and unzipped his cock. He was so hard it popped right out! A nice sized piece to! Very yummy! I leaned and kissed the tip of his cock. He exhaled so sharply I couldn’t stop myself from taking every inch of his young thick cock all at once!! Mmm Granny knows how to suck a cock! I barely got to suck a few times before the poor dear shot right in my mouth! Mmmmm good. He pulled his pants up so fast and took off like a bullet yelling over his shoulder no He will be back for sure!

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