Summer Lovin

Phone SexSummer flings are the best!

This is the greatest summer I ever had.

I spent a lot of time with my daddies friend, Ed and he taught me a lot of things!

His big strong hands felt so good when he rubbed them across my tight little ass and my barely swollen titties.

I loved the way he would slip his hard cock in my mouth and teach me how to stroke it as he slowly pushed his muscle through my lips.

I knew he liked it because I could taste his sweet cream start to drip out on my tongue.

Then he finally let me feel his huge cock in my tight little honey pot. It was so tight the first time he forced himself inside me! My tiny bald pussy squeezed him so hard that he almost came instantly!

He taught me how to take his throbbing cock in every whole in my little girl body!

We played every day! Once he started fucking me, I couldn’t get enough!

I was addicted to his man muscle and all that yummy cock cream!

But now summer is over and school is starting. None of the little boys at school can make me cum like my big Ed!

I already miss how his huge meat felt when he stuffed it in my tight wet pussy!

My hungry tight wet pussy is twitching to be stuffed and fucked!

What am I going to do!!

I need cock!



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